EIRENE PPP |  WP07 - Financial Planning


Key financial aspects of the EIRENE RI Preparation, Implementation and Operation phases will be assessed, including construction and investment costs, operation and personnel costs for the national hubs, expert nodes, and central services, costing and pricing schemes for the services, and the overall financial and funding model on national and central levels.


T7.1 EIRENE RI Preparation, Implementation and Operation Costs (MU, all partners, M1-36)
This WP will use the results of previous WPs, i.e. EIRENE RI research and innovation strategy (WP1) including a description of capacities available and to be built in the national hubs, technical design and portfolio of services and capacities provided at the national and central levels (WP2 and 3), legal and governance principles (WP5) and needs for human resources (WP6) to identify the gaps, needs, and priorities at the national and central levels. This will serve as a base for estimation of construction (investment, operation, personnel) costs during the Implementation phase, and operation (re-investment, operation, personnel, travel, logistics, training, etc.) costs during the Operation Phase of the EIRENE RI, and development of a sustainable financial model in 7.3. Upgrade/decommission costs will be considered as well.

T7.2 EIRENE RI Costing and Pricing (MU, all partners, M1-36)
Based on the identification of available and newly constructed capacities in the national hubs and topical nodes, and specification of services to be provided, the comprehensive costing and pricing strategy will be developed covering all National hubs, Head office, and Central services. The resulting EIRENE RI cost book will be continuously updated and adjusted during the EIRENE RI preparation and implementation to reflect the actual situation and changing needs of the community of users/stakeholders.

T7.3 EIRENE Financial model and plan (MU, all partners, M13-36)
Using the outcomes of T7.1 and T7.2, the most suitable financial model of the EIRENE RI will be developed considering also currently available and earmarked resources and commitments, and progress of negotiations with national authorities and funding bodies. The structure of costs and revenues will be carefully analysed during this process. All possible resources that can potentially contribute to the construction and operation of pan-European RI will be considered including national investment funds, ESIF, EU Partnerships, Horizon Europe projects, and new financial mechanisms. The model will be elaborated in various scenarios based on the extent of services and funding options. It will serve as a base for the development of the financial roadmap covering all National hubs, Topical pillars, Head office, and Central services. This financial plan will become part of the EIRENE RI Business Plan and serve as the input for CBA. It will be regularly updated and discussed with EIRENE RI decisive bodies.

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